Custom Design

Every Hill Hiker® is engineered, manufactured and installed based on:

  • Application Type: Commercial, Residential, Handicap, etc.
  • Local Building Code: Requirements vary depending on Country, State/Province and City
  • Site Terrain: Length & angle of hillside, access to hillside, soil type, vegetation level, etc.
  • Motor Drive Type: Winding drum or continuous loop traction systems
  • Capacity Requirements: Size of max load desired, in-cab floor space (square footage)
  • Aesthetic Preferences: Car size, design and style, paint color or type of finish
  • Additional Options: Extra safety features, roof, cooler carrier, key-less security, etc.

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Florida Hillside Elevator Tram & Lift With Roof and Cooler Carrier Options


  • Motor Control: Variable speed soft start/soft stop electric motor control package for smooth, quiet operation
  • Track Systems: Enclosed-rail designs in residential and commercial sizes
  • Motor Sizes: 3 HP to 20 HP, depending on application
  • Gear Reducers: Heavy-duty, industrial gear boxes
  • Car Configurations: Standard and custom options, including fully enclosed, two-sided entry and handicap accessible
  • Material Options: High grade standard steel, marine-grade aluminum or stainless steel
  • Finishes: Environmentally friendly industrial powder coating in a wide choice of colors
  • Safety: Fully engineered to meet or exceed all national A.S.M.E. (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) incline elevator safety codes

Standard Features

  • High-grade materials and components provide for durable, trouble-free operation
  • Versatile material options including high-performance metals designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Underwriters Laboratory (U.L.) listed motor and electronics control package
  • Certified and licensed Hill Hiker® technicians perform installations
  • Many safety systems including multiple independent braking systems
  • On-board controls for each direction, stop location and emergency stop
  • Optional capacities from 400-3000 lbs
  • Variety of lengths available ranging from 30 feet to over 500 feet, depending on grade
  • Security control keyed push buttons at both top and bottom
  • Wireless on-board control systems use 900 MHZ digital spread spectrum

Optional Features

  • ADA handicap and wheelchair accessible car configurations
  • Multiple stops at intermediate landing locations
  • Keyless security control entry system
  • Canopy – customizable roofing styles and material options
  • Enclosed car design – customizable styles and designs
  • Seating options – fully customizable styles and designs
  • Mechanical/electrical interlocks on fixed landing gates and car doors
  • Exit/entry from both sides of the car
  • Car door safeties – car gate automatic shut off system or lock system
  • Double cable drives for added safety and commercial application requirements
  • Curve linear – curved rail design is possible depending on terrain

Basic specs and features of many Hill Hiker® systems.

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Beautiful sand beach with blue ocean water with access provided by beach incline elevator lift


Hill Hiker inclined elevator / tram / lift car riding downhill through thick forest

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Hill Hiker inclined elevator lift installation and service truck

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Hill Hiker installers hanging rail on a steep cliff with a hoist system for an incline cliff tram

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