Hill Hiker® Hillside Elevator System

Standard Car Features:

Hill Hiker Large 4x4 Right Hand Door Car
Walls: Open car style – 42 in high walls with curved safety hand railing
Paneling: Transparent ligth weight polycarbonate material
Flooring: ADA compliant, slip resistant, marine grade fibergrate
Seating: 1 fixed & 1 folding bench seat
Trim: Composite wood material on car hand railing and seats
Controls: Elevator control push buttons with emergency stop
Sill Plate: Code compliant car to platform clearance
Door: Sliding gate with door rod latch

Standard Car Size Options:

Material & Finish Options:

Standard Drive Features:

Hill Hiker Winding Drum (WD) drive system 3D BIM drawing
Motor / Brake: Heavy duty outdoor rated motors with integrated brakes
Gearbox: Heavy duty outdoor rated double reduction worm drive gearboxes w/ full through shafts
Shaft: 2 in minimum dia. solid stainless steel
Drum or Pulleys: Individually grooved for each cable wrap
Cable: 3/8 in dia. galvanized aircraft cable (14,400 lbs minimum breaking strength)
Safety: Slack cable safety shutoff bracket
Power Pack Plate: Heavy gage steel mounting plate with exterior powder coat paint or hot dip galvanized finish

Drive Type Options:

Support Type Options:

Upgrade Options & Accessories:

Included Safeties:

Included Components:

Now Let’s Build Your System:

Contact us to start putting together your perfect Hill Hiker® Hillside Elevator system. We’ll help you choose the best options for your unique hillside.


  • Not all options shown above are available in every location. Local regulations and code requirements differ greatly from area to area and dictate what options and features we can offer.
  • System capacities are based on elevator code requirements for interior floor square footage and differ between residential and commercial applications.
  • Hill Hiker, Inc. does not provide all types of foundations in all areas but commonly works with local architects, engineers and contractors to design and layout foundations systems best suited to each specific site.
  • Not all available options are shown above. Please contact us for more information and custom design project questions.
Happy young family aboard their Hill Hiker Hill Elevator Tram