Engineered for Excellence

In 1997 Hill Hiker, Inc. set out to engineer the BEST outdoor hillside lift system on the market. To founders Bill and Laurel this meant their system would need to excel in a number of key areas: quality, safety, reliability, code compliance and overall value.

To accomplish this goal they employed Bill’s industry knowledge, Laurel’s business savvy and Laurel’s father, Noel Davis, an MIT mechanical engineering graduate and accomplished inventor.

In the 20+ years since 1997 we have never stopped improving our product and growing as a company. Our current Hill Hiker® Hillside Lift systems are better then ever blending modern electronics, high quality components and time tested design and fabrication techniques.

Hill Hiker 3 stop system drawings plan view
Hill Hiker inclined elevator 3 stop system on I-beams with house and landings 3D BIM drawings

Architect & Engineer Downloads

Please view our ARCAT page to download general engineering & architectural documentation such as:

  • CAD & PDF files for our 5 standard car sizes
  • CSI 3-part and Canadian CSC architectural spec

Please CONTACT US for more detailed information such as:

  • 3D BIM files (Revit)
  • Full Hill Hiker® Hillside Elevator System drawings
  • Custom design options
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General Specs & Features Overview


  • Motor Control: Variable speed soft start/soft stop electric motor control package for smooth, quiet operation
  • Track Systems: Enclosed-rail designs in residential and commercial sizes
  • Motor Sizes: 3 HP to 20 HP, depending on application
  • Gear Reducers: Heavy-duty, industrial gear boxes
  • Car Configurations: Standard and custom options, including fully enclosed, two-sided entry and handicap accessible
  • Material Options: High grade standard steel, marine-grade aluminum or stainless steel
  • Finishes: Environmentally friendly industrial powder coating in a wide choice of colors
  • Safety: Fully engineered to meet or exceed all national A.S.M.E. (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) incline elevator safety codes

Standard Features

  • High-grade materials and components provide for durable, trouble-free operation
  • Versatile material options including high-performance metals designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Underwriters Laboratory (U.L.) listed motor and electronics control package
  • Certified and licensed Hill Hiker® technicians perform installations
  • Many safety systems including multiple independent braking systems
  • On-board controls for each direction, stop location and emergency stop
  • Optional capacities from 400-3000 lbs
  • Variety of lengths available ranging from 30 feet to over 500 feet, depending on grade
  • Security control keyed push buttons at both top and bottom
  • Wireless on-board control systems use 900 MHZ digital spread spectrum

Optional Features

  • ADA handicap and wheelchair accessible car configurations
  • Multiple stops at intermediate landing locations
  • Keyless security control entry system
  • Canopy – customizable roofing styles and material options
  • Enclosed car design – customizable styles and designs
  • Seating options – fully customizable styles and designs
  • Mechanical/electrical interlocks on fixed landing gates and car doors
  • Exit/entry from both sides of the car
  • Car door safeties – car gate automatic shut off system or lock system
  • Double cable drives for added safety and commercial application requirements
  • Curve linear – curved rail design is possible depending on terrain

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