A Recreational Vehicle?

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Most funiculars have the primary purpose of getting users from point A to point B, but who’s to say the journey can’t be fun? Many of the hillside lift systems we create offer stunning views from a bird’s eye view. It’s easy for riders to sit back and enjoy the scenery from the comfort of their seat as they descend at a safe speed.

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Exterior Residential Elevators

Code Compliance

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Even for outdoor residential elevators code compliance is very important. You will want to be sure your friends, family and anyone riding the elevator are going to be safe. Code compliance ensures owners that their elevators have been designed and tested to meet strict safety standards giving  you peace of mind. Not to mention your exterior residential elevator is an investment, and should a storm or other calamity strike it, you’ll want it covered. Before your insurance determines whether or not to include any piece of property in your home owner’s insurance, it’ll need to pass applicable codes. Here are just a few of the necessary codes your inclined lift will likely need to meet or exceed.

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Inclined Lifts Builders

The Builders Of Inclined Lifts

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We need to carefully tailor our inclined lifts to their surrounding environment to ensure the product not only operates safely , but lasts for years to come. Hill Hiker® does this through their unique process created and perfected by our skilled professionals. Here is a quick look at the people who make our inclined lifts.

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Tough Outdoor Lifts | Hill HIker, Inc

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The Outdoor Lifts

Facing the everyday elements for a number of outdoor lifts can be a true challenge. That’s why Hill Hiker® custom builds each of their outdoor lifts with the toughest components designed to withstand all weather conditions. Here are just a few of the environments where you’ll find our outdoor lifts thriving.

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Inclined Lift Manufacturer Facility

The American Inclined Elevator Manufacturer

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Although you can find Hill Hiker’s inclined elevators all over the world–three continents, nine countries and 32 US States and territories–they all come from our factory in Midwestern America. For 20 years, we’ve committed to building quality, American-made products users throughout the world can trust. Here’s a quick look at how we do it. Read More

Inclined Elevator Climbing A Hill

Climbing The Incline

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At 38 degrees or greater, even the strongest professional cyclist won’t be able to ascend a hill. Gravity, elements and friction are too much. Luckily, we don’t need to use pedal-power to climb a slope. Thanks to the innovations of a number of industries and their inventions, we can kick up our feet and relax while we glide effortlessly to our destination. Here are just a few of the predecessors that led to sweat-free jaunts up and down steep places. Read More

Hillside Lift System Installation

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Though Hill Hiker’s hillside lift installation teams make the work seem easy, there’s a lot that goes into the process. For starters, a Hill Hiker® installer needs to be prepared. In many states, mechanics need an elevator mechanic’s license before working on hillside lifts. We require extensive on-the-job training from our senior mechanics along with the necessary licenses for each Hill Hiker® installer. Once the hillside lift installation mechanic passes our standards, they and their team can begin work. Read More