5 Reasons to Choose Us:

  1. Best Overall Value
  2. Priority #1: Safety
  3. Built to Last: Quality & Reliability
  4. Done Right: Code Compliance and Experience
  5. Environmentally Friendly

In 1997 Hill Hiker, Inc. set out to engineer the BEST outdoor hillside lift system on the market.

To this day, Hill Hiker, Inc. continues to INNOVATE and IMPROVE our hillevator design and company processes. We are a small enough company to stay nimble on our feet and quickly innovate with technological advances. Hill Hiker, Inc. is always looking for ways to improve and be the BEST.

Learn more about all 5 reasons why to choose Hill Hiker® below

Best Overall Value

Hill Hiker® hillevators are the BEST outdoor lift systems on the market because we offer our customer the best VALUE for their dollar. What you can expect:

  • Exclusive Engineering: Captured rail design and other features are not available on most other lifts
  • Innovative Design: Features like solar-powered controls are not available on most other lifts
  • Unmatched Safety: Proof is in our spotless safety record in over 18+ years of business
  • Code Compliance: Our trams will pass all safety and building codes. Not all our competition can say that
  • Top of the Line Components: All major components are quality brands and built to last
  • Custom Built: To your specific site conditions, local building codes, application type, capacity needs, aesthetic preferences and additional desired options
  • Experience: Over 20 years in business and 70+ years industry experience at Hill Hiker, Inc.
  • Certified Technicians: Trained, certified and licensed elevator mechanics and service technicians
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our knowledgeable employees and licensed installers will get your job done right
  • Warranty and Service: Top notch service and warranty gives you peace of mind after the installation
  • Efficient and Speedy: Installation can take as little as a few days depending on your application
  • In-House Inspection: Inspection and testing pre-ship and post-installation ensure quality and safety
  • Project Management: From design and planning; to permitting and engineering; to manufacturing and shipping; to installation and inspection; to service and maintenance Hill Hiker, Inc. is at your side
  • Increase Property Value: Invest in your property and increased resale value by making it more accessible
  • Eco-Friendly: Smaller footprint than stairs, electric motors, efficient electronic drives, solar power, etc.
  • Aesthetics: Aesthetically pleasing design blends unobtrusively into natural settings
Value word collage

Priority #1: Safety

Literally every single failure scenario has been examined, and a safety system for it has been put in place. Many of our safeties are simple by design and mechanical in nature which makes them highly predictable and reliable.

All Hill Hiker® lift systems are: Designed, built and inspected to meet or exceed the national elevator safety code and must pass in-house testing and installation inspection.

Years PERFECT Saftey Record!
  • Designed to meet or exceed national elevator safety code ASME A17.1 (5.4 or 5.1)
  • Full structural and mechanical engineering available per project
  • Captured rail design to prevent car / chassis coming off tracks
  • Seismic zone 4 capable
  • QC tested and inspected
  • Fail-safe electromagnetic motor brake
  • Overspeed governor with dedicated mechanical chassis brake
  • Slack / broken cable stop switch with dedicated mechanical chassis brake
  • Electrical motor & brake contactors, breakers and low voltage controls
  • Emergency stop button in car and at each landing station
  • Security shut off key switches or keypads
  • Mechanical style final overtravel termination switches
  • Solid state proximity type deceleration and park switches
  • Car door and fixed landing gate electrical stop switches
  • Full structural steel construction, oversized cable, SS hardware, etc.
  • Curved inward handrails, polycarbonate walls, door sill plates and safety signage in car
  • Double reduction worm to worm drive gearboxes
  • Low voltage switches and controls
  • ADA non-slip grate flooring in car
  • Landing gates with mechanical/electrical locks
  • Automatic car door safety stop sensor
  • Automatic car door mechanical/electrical locks
  • Fully enclosed car design
  • On-board audible alarm button
  • Tramway protection including fencing
Hill Hiker 2 stop control buttons with security shut off key switch and emergency stop button

Security Key Switch & Emergency Stop Button Controls

Hill Hiker Incline Elevator chassis in captured rails with knurl safety brakes engaged

Chassis in Captured Rail with Mechanical Brakes Engaged

Hill Hiker Hill Lift System Spring Buffer Safety & Lower Stop Switches

Spring Buffer and Bottom 3 Limit Switches

Hill Hiker outdoor elevator drawing profile for I-beam seismic zone 4 engineered project

Seismic Zone 4 Structural Engineering Plans Example

Built to Last: Quality & Reliability

Hill Hiker® hillevator systems feature a unique design, manufacturing and installation process that adds strength and reliability to the system.

  • Motor: Leeson electric motors and brakes are made in America. They are known for their quality and reliability and energy efficiency.
  • Gearbox: Grove Gearboxes are made in America and are known for quality and reliability. Hill Hiker, Inc. has never had to replace a grove gearbox to date.
  • Control Box: Hill Hiker, Inc. uses trusted suppliers to build and program the electronic brains of the Hill Hiker® lift system, using only the highest quality components. All electronics are tested in-house and must receive UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approval.
  • Switches: Hill Hiker, Inc. uses German and American made limit switches and locks that have been field tested and proven for years and years.
  • Captured Rail Design: “C” shaped channel rail is safer because the elevator chassis is captured inside the rail making it impossible to escape or jump the rails. This design also adds strength and protection.
  • Poured Concrete Footings: Many hillside elevator contractors simply drive pipe for footings to cut costs. Hill Hiker, Inc. digs and pours concrete footings which means the foundation of your elevator is solid.
  • Innovation to Last: Hill Hiker® leads the industry with innovations like self-greasing sheave wheels, solar-powered locks and automatic leveling systems which add value and increase the life of the system.
  • In-House Testing and Inspection: Each Hill Hiker® lift system goes through testing and inspection prior shipping and after installation to ensure our customers are getting a product that will work for many years.
  • Water Tight and Outdoor Rated: Hill Hiker® lift systems are built for the harshest conditions.  We only use the highest quality outdoor rated components, enclosures, wire and cable.
  • Extreme Cold and Snow: Hill Hiker® lifts operate year round in places like Alaska, Canada and Minnesota.
  • Extreme Heat and Humidity: Hill Hiker® lifts operate year round in places like Belize, Mexico and Panama.
  • Salt Water conditions: Hill Hiker® lifts operate year round on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and Caribbean Sea.

View Our Project: Remote Location, High Tide, 100% Solar

There is a reason why nearly all first generation Hill Hiker® lift systems are still operating flawlessly today, over 15+ years later.

Captured Rail Design

Close Up Of Residential Funicular's Sloping Track

Innovation: Solar Power On Car

Fully Enclosed Commercial Tram At Cabin

Grove Gearboxes

Grove Gearbox Used In Hillside Trams

Concrete Columns

Excavator Clearing Hillside For Private Funicular

Pepperl-Fuchs Switches

P&F Proximity Switches Used In Funicular Lifts

Leeson Motors

Leeson electric motor used in hill lift

Done Right: Code Compliance & Experience

At Hill Hiker, Inc. we pride ourselves on being one of the only outdoor hillside elevator manufacturers and contractors that can build and install hillevator systems that fully meet or exceed national and local elevator and building codes anywhere in the US and World.

Not everyone in the industry Does it Right. Not everyone chooses to or can legally pull permits and pass inspections. You get what you pay for, and if you choose Hill Hiker® you will have Peace of Mind that your elevator was Done Right!

A+ Rating From BBB
  • National Elevator Safety Codes: Meets or exceeds all (ASME A17.1-CSA B44 2010 Edition)
  • State Elevator Codes: Meets or exceeds all state codes
  • Local and City Elevator Codes: Meets or exceeds all city and local codes
  • Handicap and ADA Codes: Meets or exceeds all ADA requirements based on application
  • Tested and UL Approved: Meets or exceed all UL electronic testing requirements
  • Licensed State Vendor: Where required, Hill Hiker, Inc. is licensed or works with licensed vendors
  • Certified and Licensed Technicians: Hill Hiker, Inc. elevator mechanics and service technicians are licensed and certified
  • We Pull Permits: Hill Hiker, Inc. will work with customers and contractors to submit and gain approval on all necessary permits
  • Engineered for Excellence: Designed for safety, durability and reliability
  • In-House Testing: Hill Hiker® lift systems must pass in-house testing and inspection
  • Experience: Over 18 years in the business and still going strong:
    • Perfect safety record for our entire existence!
    • Lifts legally installed in some of the strictest states and cities (State of Michigan, City of Los Angeles, etc.)
  • Proud Member: Hill Hiker, Inc. is a member National Association of Elevator Contractors
  • A+ rating: With the Better Business Bureau
Paper blue prints, construction building documents and plans, civil and architectural plans and building permits
ADA Compliant Logo
Underwriters Laboratory (UL) seal certificate logo
National Association of Elevator Contractors Logo

Environmentally Friendly


Minimal Impression:

The Hill Hiker® incline tram physically has less of its structure disturbing the soil then stairs.

Minimal Impact:

The rail/track on Hill Hiker® lift systems allows sunlight to pass through and vegetation to grow underneath and around the system. The Hill Hiker® tram system blends naturally into the environment allowing wildlife to be undeterred. Stairs cover the ground with more surface area preventing vegetation growth and restrict more wildlife movement across the hillside than a Hill Hiker® lift system.


Energy Efficient:

By using modern and advanced computer drive technology in our electronic controls we can save power and run more efficiently.

Clean Electric Motors:

By using high-end, 3-phase, efficient electric motors, Hill Hiker® can save you power and prevent fumes and pollution on your property caused by fossil fuel burning motors.

Solar Power:

If your tram application needs power on board your car for locks, Hill Hiker, Inc. use a solar panel package to supply the energy for the system.

Minimal Impression

Residential lakeshore lift providing access to the lake

Clean Electric Motors

Lesson Eco Motor Used In Funicular System

Minimal Impact

Deer In Front Of Inclined Lift Rail Section

Solar Power System

Fully Enclosed Commercial Tram At Cabin